Change is only thing constant

Change is only thing constant

Thank you for backing us. We are so happy about the reviews and feedback we have been receiving, especially the pictures. I appreciate the time and effort you guys spent to send us about the Strapo wallet. I am sure some of you might be looking to upgrade the wallet, we have exciting news for you all.

In the past 2 years, our company has been growing immensely and we were able to sell to 65 Countries. With the STRAPO wallet, it was always our mission to revolutionize ordinary purchases by providing extraordinary value. 

In the midst of evolving our company, we wanted a name that clearly communicates our brand values. That’s the reason why we chose the name VALMOR DESIGN for ourselves. It combines the words “Value” and “More” and represents the marriage of so-called “ordinary” products with a new standard of practical usefulness.

Our surprise news is we will be launching our new product Blaze wallet from Valmor Design this December, this wallet is designed by incorporating your valuable feedback and comments. So if you are looking for upgrading your wallet, this is the time. The Blaze wallet perfectly epitomizes our brand philosophy because it does everything an ordinary wallet does - plus so much more.

See you all soon this December with our new product. We need your support by backing our project. We love you all.

Coming Soon, Stay Thrilled!